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The Kravitz coupon is here!

For those who were following my school supplies thread this year (Part 1 and Part 2) as well as last year, you heard about the big Kravitz coupon  for 50 shekels off a 150 shekel purchase that starts appearing in Yisrael Hayom each day.  Well, this week is has been in the paper every day- sometimes twice in one paper!  This week’s coupon expires 8 August 2014 (this Friday).

Each year the fine print gets longer and longer.  Here are this years’ qualifications:

  • You must come with the notice to get the discount
  • Not valid on Jansport
  • For office supplies, not including electronics, printers and printer ink, cellular phones and accessories
  • You cannot pay with a voucher or gift card
  • No double discounts

The big issue is whether they will take a printed copy of the coupon or not.  I haven’t found a store that will, but if you do, you can print out the coupon from Yisrael HaYom’s web site.

This is a sample coupon from 2011:



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2 thoughts on “The Kravitz coupon is here!

  1. Debbie on said:

    Thanks, I found and used the coupon. It did require careful attention though – a few of the sales in the store, like 10 small notebooks for NIS 8 instead of 15, scissors for 1/2 shekel instead of 3, and pencils for 6.90 instead of around 15 were actually better deals than the coupon, and it was worth putting items like that on a seperate bill, otherwise you pay full price for them.

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