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SHMITA: The last day for planting is coming soon!

The Ministry of Agriculture, the Vaadat Shmita, and The Ministry of Religious Services have joined together to create a web site full of information for farmers, gardeners, and those responsible for public gardens.  Unfortunately the information is all in Hebrew, but there is a place where you can send in questions and comments, so feel free to ask for translations.

They have publicized two very important dates:

  1. Shmita begins on the first day of Tishrei, 25 Sept 2014.
  2. All new planting (נטיעה והשתילה) must be finished by Tu B’Av- 11 August 2014


שנת שמיטה תשע"ה



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2 thoughts on “SHMITA: The last day for planting is coming soon!

  1. keren on said:

    please note that this is the last day for planting fruit trees if you want to count this bit of the year for a whole year re orla etc.
    I do not think that this is for planting at all

    • Hi Keren-

      Thanks for your comment- we actually had this same conversation yesterday. I agree that orlah is also an issue; however in the post I quoted the advertisement that was posted by the national shmita organization. The reasoning that I found was that you can’t plant new fruit trees after Tu b’av because of the length of time it takes to become firmly entrenched in the ground (14 days). New fruit tree planting has to be in the ground 30 days before to prevent people from thinking that it is permissible to sow/plant during Shmita or that it was actually planted then. This also includes olives and etrogim. This does not count for vegetables, flowers, and other plants according to some viewpoints. (Gateway to Shemittah by Rabbi David Marchant). The most important take away message is to check with your local rabbinic authority.

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