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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Supermarket wars for the soldiers

In a previous post I spoke about how Rami Levy teamed up with Yisrael HaYom to offer discount packages to be sent to our chayalim.  Not to be outdone, Shufersal teamed up with Agudah Lemaan HaChayal and Yediot Achronot/Ynet to offer 10 shekel packages of either hygiene products or nosh to be delivered to the front lines. You can also purchase the packages on Shufersal Online.  For more information. click here.



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2 thoughts on “Supermarket wars for the soldiers

  1. Pamela on said:

    I think I misunderstood your post about sending packages to soldiers from supersal. I was there today and I was going to participate. But it isn’t so straightforward. You can make a 10 sh donation but the packages cost 120sh. That seems like a lot for what’s in them. Its hard to tell how its a donation ànd not just PR for the store and very little going to the soldiers. I would love to help out but this doesn’t seem like the best option

    • No, you did not misunderstand. Either I did or the advertisements have changed. I based the post on a newspaper ad. I just went to check on Shufersal Online, and it says you can donate in multiples of 10 shekels, which is not at all what I thought was in the original ad. So I am sorry if I led you astray, and therefore Rami Levy’s packages do end up being the best deal per soldier. Shufersal states that each package is for four chayalim. Thanks for pointing this out!

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