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Tel Aviv supermarkets must close on Shabbat

Large and small supermarkets all across Tel Aviv were handed notices telling them that they must close on Shabbat.  The notifications are based on a recent ruling in court demanding that the city of Tel Aviv enforce its local ordinance closing food stores on Shabbat.  Who brought the case to court?  Not religious leaders but small makolet-type stores, who were unable to keep up with the competition and work seven days a week.

In response, the supermarket chains “Tiv Taam” and “am:pm” have announced that they will continue to be open on Shabbat.

שבת מנוחה



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One thought on “Tel Aviv supermarkets must close on Shabbat

  1. Rochel aka Francine on said:

    At this time when we have been so unified, we need to remain unified! Stay open later on other days to beat the competition. Everyone needs a place to go to late on
    Friday afternoon. Maybe Christian workers would do late duty on Friday. This is one option to meet the competition!
    We need to hang together.

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