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National Defense Exercise in schools and ganim 24 Feb 2014

In case you missed the notice, on Feb 24 there will be a national defense exercise in all schools and ganim in Israel.

Here is the original notice in Hebrew.  If you have trouble reading it in Hebrew, you can also get copies in Arabic, Russian and Amharit from the Misrad HaChinuch web site.  No, they don’t have it in English. (If you would like to complain, email them here)

Pikud HaOref doesn’t have any information about it, either in English or in Hebrew, but Moshe Fuld from Anglo Protekzia posted a great translation on his Facebook page:

PSA: National defense exercise in educational institutes
February 24th 2014 כ”ד באדר א’ תשע”ד ,

The following is the translation of a letter that my children received in school.

A letter for the parents,

The education system and the Home Front Command annually conduct a self-defense drill in all the schools in the country. This drill is the high point of the educational institution preparing for various emergency situations.

This year the drill will take place on Monday, February 24th 2014, in all the schools, nurseries and kindergartens.

The drill in the educational institutions will be carried out this year in the form of rockets and missiles being fired while the children are in their classrooms; as part of the preparations for the national plan of implementing lessons from the education system for emergency situations. Education about how to react in emergencies is important and significant in preparing the population of Israeli society during various emergencies.

Performing the drill according to the guidelines of the senior department of security at the ministry of education and the rules of conduct in emergency situations, it will increase your safety as well as your children’s safety, and ensure the optimal performance required in an emergency.

The success of the drill lies in the full cooperation of your children and your assistance. Please talk to your children about the exercise, so they understand and internalize the importance of the preparation routine in emergency situations. We will do everything so the drill will help the children’s sense of control and strengthen their abilities in emergencies.

Coping in emergencies is dependent on preparation and organization; therefore the preparation of the educational institution and the families is extremely significant.
Those who are prepared in advance will deal better and more efficiently in emergency situations.

Preparation and practice drills – are the key to coping correctly in an emergency!

Ayal Eizenberg, Aluf
Commander of Home Front Command

Michal Cohen  Financial manager

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