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How to find healthy bread

Misrad HaBriut has elected to start its anti-fat campaign “Efsharibari”-“Healthy is possible” with bread.

A bread that has no more than 250 calories, less than 400 grams of sodium and is made with at least 80% whole wheat will be allowed to use the “Efsharibari” symbol on their bread:

יינתן למוצרים שעמדו בסטנדרטים בריאותיים. תו התקן ()

The “Efsharibari” sign can also be posted in bakeries, supermarkets, cafes,etc that use healthy bread.

Deputy Director General Dr. Boaz Lev spoke with Ynet about the new teken (standard) for healthy bread.  You can watch it here: lechem bari.  One of the points he mentioned is that you can’t judge healthy bread by its colour- there are caramel colours that are permitted in bread that have nothing to do with whole grains.

The point of the “Efsharibari” campaign is to encourage weight loss in Israel and to support manufacturers in producing healthy food.   Of course, the question I and many others have is this: if they are trying to encourage healthy eating, why don’t they have healthy bread subsidized like the relatively unhealthy lechem shachor?   Boaz Lev says that they are trying to put a maximum price on healthy bread but so far they have been unsuccessful.

So, what is it worth to you?  How much more are you willing to pay for healthy bread?


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