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Rabbanut kashrut update #7


This wine says “with permission of the Israeli rabbanut” as well as “not kosher”.  However, the “not kosher” words are covered up by a sticker.

Wedding cake scandal: It has come to the attention of the rabbanut that people are purchasing wedding cakes privately (not through the wedding hall) and sneaking it in after the food service has finished and the mashgiach has gone home.  The rabbanut warns the public to vigilant and not eat food from an unknown source.  If there is a question, it is recommended to ask the mashgiach.

[ This is quite absurd.  If the mashgiach went home, how is one supposed to ask him about a suspicious wedding cake?  In addition, the MASHGIACH should be vigilant and ask questions if he is supervising a wedding and there is no cake!]

The candy switcheroo:  The candy in this picture was found in the “Shaarei Revacha” store on Yirmiyahu Street in Jerusalem.  The product has a foreign hashgacha but no marking that the product was imported with the permission of the Israeli rabbinate.  After contacting the London Beit Din, it was discovered that they do not provide hashgacha for this product.  After further investigation, it was discovered that these products were imported in bulk and were repackaged without supervision, and the business owner put the kashrut symbols on without permission.

TINE cheese: This cheese is being sold, mainly in Bashar stores, with a marking that it is chalav yisrael.  According to Rav Yoav Melchior, the Rabbi of Oslo, it is impossible to make this cheese chalav yisrael.  In addition, the Israel rabbanut does not recognize the mashgiach of this product, Rav Moshe Alon and Badatz Hug Rambam.

Dairy or meat?  Those little sticks used to put the price on the meat are the exact same sticks that are used to put the price on the dairy as well.  Mashgiachs in supermarkets are advised to make sure they are not interchanged.

Maafiat Abu Sanina next to Churva Square  in the Old City of Jerusalem has lost it’s kashrut supervision.  It has been heard that they are still displaying their expired certificate.

Consumers of hard alcoholic drinks should be aware that some products are imported without the permission of the rabbanut.  The public is advised to make sure the permission is written on the product label.

Unrecognized kashrut supervision: People in the South should be aware that the “Badatz Haredim Bereshut HaRav Yisrael Yaakov Landau Aba”d Kahal Yereim” is not authorized to provide kashrut supervision.  The person has no connection to HaRav Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau from Bnei Brak.


Chamei Yoav restaurant: The Zucchini Restaurant at Chamei Yoav has a certificate that they are under rabbinical “pikuach” (supervision) and not “hashgacha” (supervision).  Since the restaurant is open on Shabbat, they do not fall under the kashrut standard of the rabbanut.

Restored kashrut: Salsalite, an internet distributor of food under the names “Bar Salat Bari” and “Raviola Max Bagel and Salads”.

The event hall “Argamon” in Jerusalem lost its kashrut certificate and subsequently closed down. In the same facility is a new hall, “Olami Breishit” with new owners under kashrut supervision.

Pretending to be kosher: Maadaniat Eli, 42 Rechov HaBiluim in Ramat Gan, Or v’Daniel Barach- Bucharian Restaurant, 48 Rothchild Street in Petach Tikva (under supervision of person who is not authorized to give hashgacha), Pizza Bono, 45 Haalonim Street in Yokneam.

Lost their kashrut certification: Sudoku Bar, 41 Sokolov Street, Herzliya






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