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How Israelis are beating the high cost of living

Did you catch the Times of Israel blog post by Kenny Sahr?

If not, I wanted to bring to your attention the three places he recommends for online shopping:

1. Deal Extreme– this is the mecca for cheap (I really mean cheap) non-name versions of all electronics and accessories.  If you don’t care if it is not a brand name, or is a copy of a brand name, and you want low prices with free shipping to Israel, check it out.  I am more of a high-quality long-lasting purchase kind of person, especially after my experience with defective $1 iPhone USB cables, but to each his own.  They are insanely popular among Israelis.

2. Book Depository– This site has a huge selection of English books and shipping is free to Israel.  The prices area few (i.e. 3-5) dollars more than Amazon, and they don’t have used books, but otherwise they have excellent quality and relatively fast shipping.  I love this site.

3. Alibaba– Another Chinese warehousing site- some of which ships free to Israel.  You can buy everything from rice to machinery to toys to clothing to furniture.  I don’t know what passes through customs and what doesn’t and according to Kenny not all items have free shipping to Israel.  I have never purchased anything here.

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