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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Tu B’shevat kashrut update from the rabbanut


The rabbanut reminds people to only buy dried fruit with hashgacha.  Many imported products use flavors and seasonings that are not only not kosher, but may even come from animals.  To see a complete list of all imported dried fruits with hashgacha from the rabbanut, click here (223 pages!)  [Of course, I am going to put in my own two cents that if you are eating dried fruits, make sure they are from Israel!  Real Zionists, however, eat fresh fruit]

In addition, the rabbanut is providing links for various brochures published from different kashrut and religious organizations.  All are in Hebrew unless otherwise stated.

Bug Free Tu Beshevat according to Rav Moshe Vaye’s sefer Bedikas HaMazon (Hebrew) (English)

Badatz HaEidah HaCharedit Jerusalem

Irgun Koshrut

HaMachon L’Mitzvot Hatluyot Ba’aretz

HaRav Moshe Yehuda Leib Landau

Machon haTorah ve Ha’aretz my favorite- beautiful pictures and great ideas for a seder.


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