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Rabbanut kashrut update #6

Recently the rabbanut has had a lot of complaints regarding the food stands in gas stations and the like, where bakery products and/or sandwiches are sold and can be heated up.  There can be several kashrut issues with these stands- mixing meat and dairy, the need of a mashgiach, and whether these products have hashgacha whatsoever.  The rabbanut reminds the public to look for a valid kashrut certificate in each place that you desire to purchase food.

The butcher shop “Super Of” in Kiryat Gat was caught during its last inspection selling unidentified meat that was under suspicion of being treif that was brought in from the Palestinian Authority illegally.  The Pitzuach unit dealt with the illegal import of meat and their kashrut certification was taken away immediately. Despite that, they are still advertising that their meat is kashered under supervision of the Jerusalem rabbinate which is false.

Balkan Bakery’s חישוקי גבינה are falsely labelled as pareve.   They are in fact dairy.  The manufacturer is claiming that the products labelled as pareve are forgeries, and the public is asked to check the kashrut symbol on the inside of the package to confirm that it matches the symbol on the outside.

Inside the package of some Brunch & Crunch mushroom blintzes (pareve) are actually cheese blintzes (dairy).   Please be aware of the possible error and act accordingly.

The Orchiada restaurant in Eilat is no longer under kashrut supervision.

The rabbanut warns people who plan to eat aboard a tourist yacht in Eilat that there has been several instances of false advertising that the food is under kashrut supervision.  The public is reminded not to accept a photocopied kashrut certificate.

The public is warned of the presence of insects in dried garlic and is asked to peel and wash garlic before using and to refrain from using whole heads of garlic.

The public is warned of the presence of two types of Stella Artois beer on the market- one with kashrut certification and one without.  Make sure to check the label before purchasing.

The Egged restaurant for its drivers in the Tel Aviv bus station is not under any kashrut supervision despite signs stating it as such. Egged drivers that keep kosher are warned to refrain from eating at that restaurant.

Imported products with illegal kashrut certifications:

  • AZTECA tortillas
  • FERTILIA apple cider vinegar
  • MIRI PAK pomegranate concentrate
  • AL-AMAD peanut nougat
  • FIESTA lollipop
  • VAN VARDACH Holland style mayonnaise
  • SPRINGER MALSONS ALPORT Dried brewers yeast

Restaurants/stores with forged kashrut certificates:

  • B’tabun, 53 King George Street, Tel Aviv
  • Roladin, Dizengof Center, Tel Aviv
  • Aladin bakery, 6th floor Tel Aviv new bus station
  • Panes, 6 Hashayetet Street, Nes Ziona and 117 Rothchild, Rishon L’zion
  • Etrog, 35 Haskedim Street, Kiryat Tivon

Lost their kashrut certification:

  • Miznon Hasochnut Hayehudit, 12Kaplan Street, Tel Aviv
  • Kafe Lala, 7 Shderot Lachish, Kiryat Gat
  • Gringos Mexican Bar, 187 Malchei Yisrael Street, Kiryat Gat
  • Denis Restaurant, HaTarnegol Restaurant, and Ulam Hara, North Laguna, Eilat
  • Kornan Dog, Bilu Center, Kiryat Ekron

For  pictures and more information, click here.

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