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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Paperless coupons

I received a question from a reader about using coupons without a printer.

There are some coupons that can definitely be used without printing them:

  • When shopping online, you just type in the code on the coupon when ordering.  Not all coupons are valid for online shopping, but it can’t hurt to type it in and try.
  • Some coupons are sent by SMS and have a code, for example the Shufersal- Strauss deals.
  • A few stores allow you to show the coupon on your smartphone and they will scan the bar code from there.  I have seen it done at Shufersal Deal.  I don’t know if it would work, but if you are too intimidated to ask the cashier to scan it, you can try it out on the self check-out lines.  Unfortunately, as has been reported in the past, not all supermarkets in a chain behave the same way and not all cashiers within a supermarket behave the same way.  It can’t hurt to ask and ask again.
  • I will try and note in the future which coupons can be used without printing.

If anyone has any more tips, I would be happy to post them.  Thanks for writing in!

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