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A new pizza comes to town- with real cheese!

You have read my past blogs about the proliferation of cheese substitutes in the supermarket and in the pizzeria.  Pillsbury has just put on the market their own version of frozen brick oven pizza but with…gasp…cheddar!…and mozzarella cheese!

Ynet did a taste test and found it to be superior to the others on the market.

Ah, but the price, you say- it must be much more expensive.

Right now it is selling at Shufersal for 21.90 shekels.  To compare, Maadanot is selling at Shufersal and Rami Levy for 24 shekels and Zoglobek mehadrin is selling at Yesh for 16.73 shekels.  All prices are valid as of this posting on Pricez.

Alas, I have not found any coupons for the pizza, but since the recommended price is 24.99-26.99, I recommend getting it at the Shufersal price while you can.


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5 thoughts on “A new pizza comes to town- with real cheese!

  1. We buy the frozen Zoglobek mehadrin 3pack for 30NIS. Each pizza is 500g.

  2. Raizi Lindenfeld on said:

    Just saw that this pizza is on sale in Mega in Yerushalayim for 19.90

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