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Kashrut update #3 from the Rabbanut

Some of the more interesting items from the latest bulletin.  You can read the entire bulletin here (Hebrew).

Online “combina” (trickery)

The rabbanut has discovered a trick played on people who order from restaurants from a single source.  Some of the restaurants don’t exist and some of them don’t have kashrut certification.  The rabbanut discovered that additional restaurants were illegally added to the kashrut certificate.  The businesses involved: Max Bagels on 24 Kanfei Nesharim (doesn’t exist), Bar Salat Bari on 15 Kanfei Nesharim (doesn’t exist) and Nichoah Cafe on 8 Hamrapeh in Jerusalem (forged certificate).

Imported cheese with strange declaration

Cheese imported from chutz l’aretz under supervision of “Nachalat Yitzchak” has strange wording on its packages: “לאוכלי חלב חו”ל משעת עשייה”.  This terminology is not recognized by the rabbanut and may pertain to chalav akum.  These products were not imported with the approval of the rabbanut and should be sold in kosher stores.  In addition, since the wording may pertain to chalav akum, this is in contradiction with the statement that the product is mehadrin.

Pepperidge Farms cookies imported without permission of the rabbanut

The cookies in the picture did not receive permission from the rabbanut to be imported, despite the OU-D on the label.  The rabbanut requires all imported products to be checked for bishul yisrael, chalav yisrael, hadash and afiat yisrael.  Kashrut authorities in chutz l’aretz tend to be lax in these areas and frequently allow bishul akum, afiat akum, chalav akum or yashan.


Forged kashrut certificate

“Catering gadol le eruim ketanim” from Moshav Luzit (Lozit?) presents a teudah from “Badatz Nachalat Yitzchak” which does not have authorization to give kashrut certificates.

Disposable dishes do not need hashgacha

The person putting this stamp on disposable dishes is not authorized to provide kosher supervision as required by law.  In addition, it is the policy of the rabbanut that disposable dishes do not need kashrut certification.  This does not refer to Pesach.

Crab leg found packaged with frozen hake fillet

This product contained a crab arm with the fish at no extra charge.  This is the second time in a few months that the rabbanut has received notification of non-kosher animal parts in with fish.  This product is generally repackaged on arrival to Israel but it is wise for the consumer to be aware.

Improper signage

This Feldman fish product has a symbol from the Machon for mitzvot taluyot baaretz and says “ללא חשש לתלועים” which is incorrect since it has a high percentage of worms present.  Upon investigation it was discovered that the symbol was put on without permission from the Machon.  The distributor has promised not to market the product.

Treif meat sold in kosher packaging that was returned

Beit HaBasar Dabach on Sderot Ben Gurion 19 in Haifa was caught packaging treif meat in used cartons of kosher meat.  Mashgiachs are warned to confirm the identify of the meat inside the carton and that it matches with the delivery form.

Places falsely advertising that they are kosher

Falafel Gina, 1 King George St, Tel Aviv

Macho Macho Restaurant, 274 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv

Gorilla Bar on 11 Oppenheimer St and 57 Yehuda HaMacabee St in Tel Aviv

Druze food stand in Kenyon Zim Center in Maalot has a false teudat kashrut.

Aharon food stand, 34 Eli Horowitz St, Kfar Saba

Avram restaurant, 97 Yafo St, Jerusalem

Event Hall Ahuzat Tal in the Ad Halom industrial area near Ashdod

Camilia restaurant, 125 Hismin St, Mevasseret Zion

HaPizzeria restaurant, Kenyon Harel gas station,Mevasseret Zion- has regular, not mehadrin kashrut

Businesses that no longer have teudot kashrut

Shefa HaBasar Vebracha butcher, Menachem Begin St- Rova Hacity, Ashdod

HaDayag Hatarvayni, 240 Haganennet St, Jerusalem




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