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Arutz 2 Food Report: What is in your hamburger?

Continuing in the series of food reports, Arutz 2 takes us to the burger joint to find out what they can about that meat we eat.

You can watch the clip here (Hebrew).

Why should you eat hamburger?  Despite the fact that it is not a diet food, hamburger has a significant amount of protein and iron.  It can also have trans fat, which can build up in your arteries and eventually block them.

All tests were performed at the Israeli Standards Institute laboratory.


As you can see, there is a wide range in prices and sizes- McDonald’s is the cheapest and Coffee Bar in Tel Aviv is the most expensive.

ההמבורגרים שנבדקו


Agadir shrinks the least and Burgerim shrinks the most.  How do they know it shrank?  Because the weight listed on the menu is the weight BEFORE the burger is cooked!

אחוז הכיווץ

Trans fat

This was somewhat surprising.  McDonald’s Big New York had the highest amount of trans fat, and the amount found is higher than is written on the nutrition label.   McDonald’s response?  The nutrition information is calculated with the bun and hamburger together.  The bun has no trans fat, so the percentage decreases.

השומן הרווי בהמבורגרים שנבדקו


The higher the protein, the more meat in your burger.  McDonald’s came out the winner.  Of course, it make sense for McDonald’s to have the highest fat together with the highest protein if it has the most meat.

החלבון בהמבורגרים שנבדקו


In general, the amount of salt is determined by the kashrut status of the food.  Burgerim and Black burgers were kosher; the others were not.

המלח בקציצה


The calorie count was relatively similar.  Agadir, Black and McDonald’s were 200/225 grams, Burgerim was 240 grams and Coffee Bar was 300 grams.

כמות הקלוריות בהמבורגרים שנבדקו


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