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Home Economics: The Dvash Family

As a new oleh, one of the most important questions we ask is “How much money do we need to survive?”  The follow-up question after receiving our first paycheck is “How do Israelis survive on this?”

The answer is that many of them don’t.  That is, until the organization Paamonim stepped in. I wrote about them in previous posts (also here): instead of donating money to a family, they teach them how to live within their budget.  Mekor Rishon had previously posted examples of family budgets and the tips the family received to save money.  Yisrael HaYom has now started posting fmily descriptions, but without the tips.  I am translating them in the hopes that you can see how the other side lives.

The Dvash Family, Or Yitzhak 

Meital (38); 3 children- Idan (10), Shaked (7) and Yarden (5)

They live in a 5 room apartment (4 bedrooms) on the yishuv kehilati Or Yitzhak.  Meital has two degrees from the US in mental health and criminology.   She works as a rehab trainer in a hostel for people with psychological disturbances.  They own a Hyundai Accent Family, 2005 model.

Chugim: Idan- soccer, Shaked- basketball and Yarden- gymnastics.

Meital’s hobbies: being a full time single mom.

Their last vacation: 3 days at the Kineret in tents.

Budgeting: much better since she started working with Paamonim.   She used to take out loans of 2000-3000 shekels at a time.

Monthly expenses (shekalim): apartment (5420), electricity/water (530), Communication/television (686), school/chugim (2150), car/gas (660), insurance (0), medical (80), food/household (1200), culture/leisure (500), vacation (200)- divided into 12 months, miscellaneous (600)- pets, haircuts, fines, clothing, shoes,presents, loans (2000), savings (0).  TOTAL: 14,026 shekels

Source: Yisrael HaYom, 22/11/2013, Tzarchanut supplement p12.

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