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Palm oil pizza

Continuing with Arutz 2’s food expose week, we move from eggs to pizza cheese.

I wrote about pizza cheese in a previous aliyah tip but that just concerned what is sold in the stores.  This time Arutz 2 went to the restaurants to find out what is really on top of those pizzas.

You can watch the clip here. (Hebrew).

To summarize:

  • Real cheese is very expensive in Israel (see another aliyah tip of mine)
  • In order to compete and offer low prices, pizzerias use a blend of real cheese with imitation cheese, which contains water, milk proteins, and oils- mainly trans fats like palm oil.
  • It is difficult to tell by tasting whether you are eating real cheese or not.
  • Read the labels on those frozen pizzas you buy in the supermarket- many have only 1/3 real cheese.  Look for the ingredients: (1) water (2) milk protein and (3) vegetable oil- that means there is imitation cheese.  You can see a label here. [FYI- if a label advertises that the product contains a certain item, the law states that the percentage of that item must be stated in the ingredients.  You can see this here regarding pizza with olives]


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