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Frugal oven shopping- HELP!

This week our oven broke down for the third time, and we promised ourselves we will buy a new one.  Unfortunately, our car seems to be in cahoots with the oven and also broke down for the last time (so says our mechanic).  Of course we chose to purchase a car so we will have to save up some money to get a new oven.  In the meantime, we are being creative with our stovetop and crockpot.  Since the oven we have was bought a month after we made aliyah and taught us the valuable lesson “Never buy what the salesman is trying to sell you” we could use a little advice from my wonderful readers.  Feel free to comment “freestyle” instead of using the polls if you want to rant.  If you mention a specific store, please don’t forget to write what city/area the store is in.  We are looking for an all-in-one, but if you feel the need to discuss a built-in oven experience, you are more than welcome.  Let the comments begin!



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11 thoughts on “Frugal oven shopping- HELP!

  1. Carrie Baker on said:

    I will tell you how we bought our oven. We went physically to look around and to choose the oven that we want. Then we looked on the internet to find an “auction” and bought a better model for the same price as the simpler model we saw in the shop.

    We tried one or two till we worked out how it works. For instance, if you are available during the day there is a better chance than in the evening.

    re service etc. It is not from zap or whatever, but through whichever firm sells the oven (i.e your service where you live is provided from whoever gives service to De longhi, or Bellers etc.).

  2. We’ve had the delonghi two compartment built-in for over five years and have not had a problem. In addition to the two compartments, we liked that it had air circulation out the front which allows for deeper shelves above it as well as cabinets up to the ceiling . Regular built-in ovens usually have circulation from behind which requires the whole cabinet to have a shaft up the back.

  3. Boris on said:

    את יכולה לנסות לחפש באתר
    מוכרים שם מוצרי חשמל מתצוגה ו\או פגמים לא משמעותיים ,לפעמים במחיר הרבה יותר זול
    קניתי משם מיקרוגל ואני ממש מרוצה

    • מצוין- תודה לטיפ. אתרגם למי שקשה לו/לה בעברית.
      שמחתי לראות דובר עברית בבלוג!

      Boris writes that I could try the web site They sell products that were on display and/or have slight damage, sometimes for a significant discount. He bought a microwave through them and is very satisfied. That is a great tip!

  4. yehudit on said:

    I’m re-doing my kitchen and so was interested in people’s comments. What did YOU finally choose to do and which company/oven did you choose? I’d love to hear about your process. Yehudit

    • The comments I received are up on the board. I haven’t actually bought a new one yet- we are still in the “creative cooking” stage. I can’t convince my husband to stand outside and grill in the snow, so we are making a lot more soups. When I finally get one, I will let you know!

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