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Check the label- it might be faked

Right before Rosh Hashana Channel 2 presented a whole new business in Israel- reprinting expired food labels with later expiration dates.

To watch the video, click here.

For those who had trouble understanding, here is a summary:

Channel 2 went to printing shops to ask if they would reprint labels of food that had already expired.  Their answer- yes!  They say that this occurrence is all too common in minimarkets and restaurants, where they have the label reprinted before a scheduled inspection of the Health Department.  Reprinting is not cheap- one printer quoted 4500 shekels, but the sale is all profit since the food would have been thrown out anyway.

Unfortunately, fake labels is something seen all too frequently in Israel- with Yad Mordechai honey, kashrut stamps and more.

Moral of this story: check the label well- if it looks suspicious or is doubled (a label on top of a label)- don’t buy it.

If you already purchased something that seems suspicious or even just see it in the supermarket, you can file a complaint with the supermarket, the manufacturer, or the Ministry of Health.  Click here to find out how to complain to the Ministry of Health.


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