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School shirts- quick, easy and from the comfort of your own home

One of the things I dread most about back-to-school shopping is the “school-shirt-pushing-and-shoving-extravaganza.”  I dont know why this event brings out the worst in people, but I do know how important it is when, after being polite Anglo me, I waited for over an hour one night until there were no shirts left for my daughter- color or size.  My solution in past years has been to trick my husband to get the shirts- “Honey, could you pick a pizza for dinner?  Thanks.  While you are there, could bring a couple of kids and have them pick out shirts while you wait for the pie?”  My husband, however, is on to me and won’t go near the store even if I bribe him with a steak dinner.

This year I am going to do it differently.

In the past I have gotten flyers in the mail about Tilboshet– the online store to buy school shirts but never gave it much thought.  I am the type to examine, try on and hover over the person who irons on the symbol to make sure all is to my satisfaction, and online shopping doesn’t fulfill those needs.  However I just read a review from a fellow blogger Matanot v’Metziot baReshet who was very pleased with his/her purchase and that convinced me to give it a try.   There are great pictures on the blog post to get an idea of how the packages look.

Answers to my questions:

  • One out of two  of my children’s symbols are posted on their web site.  However, you can photograph and send them your school symbol should it not be there.
  • Shirts are 100% cotton and 160 grams/meter [not sure what that means- I think it is a tight weave].
  • You can return the shirts and they will credit your credit card.
  • There are detailed measurements to decide what size you need.
  • There are 3/4 sleeve shirts for those who need, including light and dark pink.
  • Prices for short sleeve shirts in sizes 6-18- 5 for 99 shekels (including shipping), 12 for 209 shekels (including courier service to your house) and more deals on the web site.  Deals for using PayPal as well (free shipping).  There is an additional charge for S,M,L,XL and 3/4 sleeves (couldn’t find how much).
  • The orders can be picked up at no charge in Givat Shmuel (6 shirts size 6-18 for 99 shekels), sent by doar rishum for 15 shekels, or couriered to your house for 29 shekels.
  • You can also order on the phone.
  • You have to wander around the web site a bit to find the coupon codes. If people request, I will list them.

So what do you have to lose?  Give it a try.

Aliyah tip- For those of you who never purchased school shirts before, don’t be lured in by the super cheap deals you see for 5-15 shekels per shirt.  Two washes and the sleeves fall off with the symbol.  Don’t bother.

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