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Chutzot HaYotzer- International Arts and Crafts Festival 5-17 Aug 2013

From their web site:

The International Arts and Crafts Festival, Jerusalem is held at the Khutsot Hayotser Arts and Crafts Center, Mitchell Gardens and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in the Sultan’s Pool, opposite the Tower of David at the foot of the Old City Walls. This year the Festival is celebrating 38 years of the cultural event that has become a tradition in Jerusalem and the main tourist and artistic attraction of the summer season.

The Festival is open every evening (except Fridays) from 18:00 – 23:00
Saturday from 21:00 until midnight.

The Israeli Pavilion
Around 200 of the best of Israel’s artists and artisans exhibit paintings, prints, ceramics, metalwork and jewelry, weaving and textiles, Judaica, toys, crafts in various techniques, works in wood and more.

The International Pavilion
Guest artists and artisans from abroad perform and exhibit their crafts and objets d’art at the Festival in unique booths and exhibits and demonstrate the creative process of their work. The international exhibit includes authentic and varied arts and crafts:

From the Far East: China, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. From South and Central America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru and Uruguay.
From Europe: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Serbia. From Asia: Armenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.
From Africa: Angola, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Ghana, Madagascar, South Africa and Zimbabwe.United States
Musical Events – Every evening at 21:00, there is a central musical performance by the best of Israel’s musicians and entertainers. The performance takes place on the main stage in the Sultan’s Pool.

Tickets cost 60 shekels for adults, 50 shekels for teens/students/soldiers/police officers and 35 shekels for children ages 5-12.

A Family pass with three or more children costs 190 shekels.

So far I haven’t seen any great discounts for tickets- Leumi card is offering ticket for 54 shekels each.  If I see better prices I will post an update.


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9 thoughts on “Chutzot HaYotzer- International Arts and Crafts Festival 5-17 Aug 2013

  1. In previous years, a yerushalmi card offered a discount. Do you know if this will be the case again this year?

  2. janet on said:

    The CORRECT prices are here:

    You should correct the Janglo article as well. The senior discount and the family discounts have nothing to do with the Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Resident) card….

    • Thanks for the tip! There is a difference in the prices listed in English and Hebrew.

      Adult 60 NIS
      Teen, Student, Soldier, Senior, Police Officer 50 NIS
      Groups and Committees 50 NIS
      Senior with Yerushalmi card 50 NIS
      Summer Campaign 50 NIS
      Child- age 5 to 12 35 NIS
      Family pass with a child- Yerushalmi card 135 NIS
      Family pass with 2 children- Yerushalmi card 150 NIS
      Family pass with 3 or more children- Yerushalmi card 170 NIS
      Family pass with 3 or more children 190 NIS

      60 מבוגר
      50 ש”ח נוער , סטודנט, חייל, גימלאי, שוטר
      50 ש”ח קבוצתי- ועדים
      50 ש”ח מבוגר- כרטיס תושב ירושלמי
      50 ש”ח קמפיין קיץ
      35 ש”ח ילדים (מגיל 5 עד 12)
      135 ש”ח משפחתי – זוג +1 – ירושלמי
      150 ש”ח משפחתי – זוג + 2 – ירושלמי
      170 ש”ח משפחתי – זוג +3 ילדים ומעלה- ירושלמי
      190 ש”ח משפחתי – זוג +3 ילדים ומעלה

      In both English and Hebrew there are discounts for families with the Yerushalmi card but I quoted the wrong price for a family with three children- it is 170 shekels and not 190 shekels. In English a Yerushalmi “senior” pays 50 shekels and in Hebrew a Yerushalmi “adult” pays 50 shekels.

      If you fall into one of these categories, check the price before you go.

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  4. liran on said:

    This may not be rellevant to most olym, but active IDF reserve soldiers have a disount club calld Behatsdaa, that is giving out tickets for 38 NIS. And you can buy tickets for your whole family, not just yourself.

  5. alyssa on said:

    Is it only a concert at sultan pool or also vendors? Where are the other 2 location addresses mitchell garden and khusot hayotzer art center?

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