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Zipper bags have come to Israel!

One of the hardest things about cooking for the freezer  in Israel is the lack of freezer bags.  The Israeli brand is not worth purchasing and Ziploc bags have become the one thing I ask people to bring from the US.

Diamond brand, however, has just introduced zipper storage bags!

True, they aren’t as thick as freezer bags, but it is a great step up and I am sure they will keep the food pretty well- the food will probably have a shorter shelf life than freezer bags, though.

I have not seen any in stores yet, so if you have please let us know!

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8 thoughts on “Zipper bags have come to Israel!

  1. dov friedman on said:

    i believe that Big Deal stores sell ziplock bags, all be it pretty expensive.

  2. Marcia on said:

    I have seen the storage and the gallon sized bags in Rami Levi in Talpiot

  3. Yaakov on said:

    Osher Ad stores carry a different brand, 2 different sizes
    Ikea has 2 sizes of decent quality heavy stuff

    btw, Osher Ad has some Kirkland ( can you say Costco?) products on its shelves
    including kitchen white trash bags …

  4. They are available in superdeal and mega chains

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