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Rosh Hashana is coming!

Yes it is July and everyone is busy keeping cool and finding activities for the kids now that camps are winding down.

However, if you haven’t looked at the 2013-4 school year yet, now is definitely the time:

Here is a simplified version:

So to summarize, school starts August 27.  Rosh Hashana/Shabbat is three days, and the kids are off from school July 13-28 for Yom Kippur-Sukkot vacation.  That is a lot of meals to prepare and a lot of time home with the kids.

What does this mean?  It means that we need to start preparing now!

I know that it is a hard time to start thinking about shelling out money, what with camp, school books, etc., but it won’t get any easier if you buy it all at once in September.

Some things you shouldn’t buy now, like gefilte fish- that is always a loss leader.   Other things you can stock up on.   For example, Shufersal has a sale on honey right now.  By the way, you know you should only by honey that has a “Tav Teken” on it- that means it meets the Israeli Standards Institute’s requirements for pure honey (see previous post).  You can see an example here:

But I digress.

Now is the time to start stocking up, thinking about your guest list and cooking for the freezer.    The kids are home- why not schedule fun cooking days with them?  Here is a list of TNT foods that you and your kids can make together and freeze for the holidays:

  1. Cookies– you can freeze dough or baked cookies.  Make a batch of sugar cookies and let the kids “paint” them with a mixture of powdered sugar, food coloring, water, and vanilla extract.
  2. Cakes– there are lots of simple cake recipes- buy smaller “English cake” trays and have each kids make their own.  Don’t forget trifles for those not-so-perfect cakes!
  3. Challah– kids love rolling and shaping challah- why not have rolls instead of large challahs?  I know we always end up with lots of challah slices and nothing to do with them them.  Having lots of smaller challahs gives you enough for each bracha without a lot of waste.
  4. Chicken– you know the prices go up before the holidays, so get what you can now and freeze it.  Put the raw chicken in a marinade and then freeze it- it will make the chicken softer and more flavorful.  Or you can purchase Of Oz chicken which comes in thick vacuum packages which are great for freezing.
  5. Meatballs– spice them up and freeze them as individuals on a tray, then package them in bags, or cook them before freezing them.  This is not a job for the kids, though.
  6. Potato kugel– if you don’t have a “freezerable” recipe, I will post one.
  7. Soup– it is never a bad time to make chicken soup.
  8. Meat boreka– brown ground beef, add spices/sauce, put it on a sheet of puff pastry dough and roll it up.  I cook this before I freeze it.  It is best sliced cold, before it goes on the plata.

What else in going in your freezer now?  Let me know!

Although I specifically did not make this a recipe site, I will make a new category with my TNT easy freezer recipes.  I would be happy to post yours as well.

Time to get back to the kitchen…

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4 thoughts on “Rosh Hashana is coming!

  1. You freeze chicken in its marinade?

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