couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Vacation like an Israeli this summer and never pay full price!

Yes, we all know the Jewish stereotype that we never pay full price.

However, as olim, we frequently miss out on where to find the deals to get the same discounts as “the natives”.

Here is a list of some places to get discounts on attractions for your summer vacation. Please add on any additional deals you find so we can all vacation frugally!

  1. Kinderland– lots of coupons for kid-friendly attractions all over the country.
  2. Love love Israel– Pay 99 shekels for a card which gives you significant discounts on the biggest attractions in Israel.
  3. Leumi card– purchase items on your card and collect points.  For every 1500 shekels, you collect 1 point, up to 4 points per month.  You can use those points to buy 1+1 deals on all sort of attractions and shows.  You can also get discounts on many other things, including Otiot magazine, which I just found.  You can also get instant discounts at various stores instantly when you purchase items with the Leumi card.  Both Shufersal and Yesh are Leumi cards, so if you shop there, it is definitely worthwhile to get their card. There is an iPhone app which shows you what discounts are near you.
  4. Visa CAL– also has similar discounts and deals like the Leumi card, depending on which type of card you have- Mastercard, Visa, or Diners.  Right now you can purchase 1+1 tickets for the Sand Castle exhibit ( plus a 15 shekel service fee).
  5. Isracard– has a few deals- not worth getting  card for them.
  6. Friends- do you have a friend who is a government worker, police officer, or in the military?  They belong to moadonim which give huge discounts on attractions. If they haven’t used their quota, you could ask them to purchase tickets for you.
  7. Attraction web sites- go to the attraction’s web site and look for a coupon- they frequently have one.  It usually isn’t as good as one you can find elsewhere, but it is better than nothing.
  8. Coupon Nofesh– more printable coupons for attractions- many outdoor ones- as well as places to stay.

That is it for now.  Don’t forget there are lots of free things to do as well- KKL and Reshut Hateva parks and the beach as well as local events in each city- check the municipal web site for more information. (Jerusalem, Modiin, Raanana, Tel Aviv, Haifa, Beersheva)

Update 10 July– Namal Tel Aviv has free jazz concerts, movies, and circus performances this summer.  Check out the schedule here.


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