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Weleda hair care coupons- expires 31 Jan 2013

Bach’s Rescue Night coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Taftafim coupons- expires 28 Feb 2013


Yes, I said Pesach!

I know it is January, but believe it or not, Peach will be here in 9 weeks!

That means it is time to do some long-term planning.

Go into your freezers, your pantries, and your drawers.  Don’t forget your safe room.  If you are like me you might be surprised to find 6 or 7 bags of pasta plus other assorted chametz.

That means that you need to start planning meals if you don’t already.  How many pasta dishes could your family tolerate in a week?  Spread them out.  Start thinking about your Purim seudah (5 weeks away)- maybe make that special orzo salad.  Don’t forget Shabbat-this is the perfect time to serve Grandma’s noodle kugel.

If you freeze food in bulk, make an inventory of what you have and estimate how long it will last.  Start clearing space to put in already KLP items that you see on sale, like fresh meat.

Be wary of buying any more chametz- expecially when the stores mark everything down to reduce their inventory.  Look out for KLP items and stock up now.  I just found Tnuva butter has a KLP stamp already.  If you find other items, please post!

Tnuva Yoplait fruit on the bottom yogurt coupon- expires 30 Apr 2013

New Year, new flvors, new coupon!

Old Spice coupon- expires 1 Feb 2013

Only good at Superpharm.

New Superpharm coupons- expires 30 Jan 2013

Cereal, crackers, pretzels and other items on sale this month.



Tnuva Yoplait on top yogurt coupon- expires 30 Apr 2013

קופון - יופלה עם מגוון תוספות מפנקות - למימוש בכל רשתות השיווק

Wella Koleston hair foam coupon- expires 31 Dec 2013

Clarins coupons- expires 29 Jan 2013

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