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Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Pesach mission #1: Clean out your pantry NOW!

Today is Shushan Purim- the unofficial start to Pesach preparations.

Your counters are full of mishloach manot, and you know you won’t be able to eat all of it before Pesach.  Your mission today is to empty out ALL of the food from your pantry.  Separate the food and the mishloach manot into 4 boxes:

  1. Chametz gamur- actual chametz
  2. KLP items (with hashgacha)
  3. Food your family doesn’t like or won’t eat
  4. Food that is not KLP and not chametz gamur

Chametz gamur and food your family doesn’t like or won’t eat:

If you are like me, there is an astronomical amount of food in this box.  Take a serious look at that food- will you really eat it within 4 weeks?  Don’t forget the food in your refrigerator and freezer!  If your minhag is not to sell chametz gamur, donate all that food TODAY.    Likewise, don’t save food that you know you won’t use- give it to someone who will.

KLP items with hashgacha:

One of the advantages of living in Israel is that many everyday items already have KLP hashgacha.  I am sure you noticed that almost all of the chips that came out for Purim this year were KLP already (with or without kitniyot). Some of the items I found in my pantry include:

  • Starkist tuna (kitniyot)
  • Yavneh pickles in brine
  • Shufersal pickles in brine
  • Yachin pizza sauce
  • Yachin canned corn (kitniyot)
  • Shufersal crushed tomatoes
  • Mega dates
  • Wili Foods fruit cocktail
  • Wiliger tuna (kitniyot)
  • Pepsi MAX

All of these items can be crossed off your master Pesach shopping list.  You do have a shopping list, right?  This is THE most essential item to save money.  If you do not have one, take out all of your standard Pesach recipes (don’t forget seder items) and create a master shopping list, including amounts needed.  You will adjust the quantities during your Pesach post-mortem.  Keep this list accessible all year round so you can purchase items during the year when there are sales.

Clean out a now-empty cabinet or two for these Pesach items.  Keep watching the sales and fill up these cabinets at your leisure. I will mark Pesach sale items when I see them.

Food that is not KLP and not chametz gamur:

Clean out-of-the-way closets and put these items back in.  If you use them before Pesach, great.  If not, they are all ready to be locked away for Pesach.

Now sit back and enjoy the progress you have made- you deserve it!

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