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Does the “economy size” package really save you money?


The investigative reporters at Makor Rishon went shopping for Branflakes at Rami Levy.  The 500 gram package cost 18.49 shekels and the 750 gram package cost 29.99 shekels.  That means that the smaller package costs 3.70 shekels per 100 grams and the larger, “economy size” package costs 4 shekels per 100 grams!  That is some economy!

When the reporters when to the service counter, they were told that the price was set by Telma and not Rami Levy.  They then called the main number for Rami Levy, and were told the reason for the discrepancy was because the smaller package was on sale, and that the regular price is 20 shekels.  When the reporters said that there was no sign regarding the sale, Rami Levy said it was an unadvertised sale.  They also said that they are trying to get Telma to lower the price of the larger package.

What is the moral of this story?

Always check prices and don’t rely on the company’s word that the “economy size” is really cheaper.

According to the law, a retailer must provide, along with the price of the item, the price of the item per a specific weight .  It is generally per 100 grams.  That is supposed to help the consumer compare prices.

The Ministry of Trade does prosecute retailers that do not provide this information- see my post on Rami Levy for example.


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