couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Week 2 of Mega’s 8 Days of Chanukah Sale

Until December 19, YOU card holders can pick up:

  1. 10 mini sufganiot for 10 shekels (limit 3),
  2. a sufganiot fryer for 79 shekels (limit 3),
  3. Pinuk shampoo/conditioner for 8.90 shekels,
  4. onion/carrots/white potatoes/beets/anise for 1.99/kg (maximum 4 kg),
  5. whole chicken for 8.99/kg (minimum 200 shekel purchase, maximum 4 kg),
  6. Mega brand chicken soup mix for 8 shekels (minimum 200 shekel purchase),
  7. L’Oreal triple active cream for 39.90 shekels (limit 3), and
  8. fleece sheet sets for 49 shekels (twin) and 69 shekels (double) (limit 3).

Sales valid at Mega B’Ir and Mega Bul.

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