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It must be Chanukah- the sales are back!


I haven’t posted for a while, mainly because there really wasn’t anything exciting to write about.  Maybe the stores felt we are too busy paying off our credit cards from the previous holidays?!

Anyway, this week the sales beast has awoken.   Here are some of the posted sales this week:

Bar Kol:

Bar Kol doesn’t have a web site to check out their sales- they have a phone number: 1-800-623-755.

Some of their sales include: Angel cake for 8.99 shekels and Efrat Masoret wine for 10.99 shekels.

Eden Teva Market:

The natural supermarket has joined the advertising craze this season as well.  Some of their sales include: 12 medium organic eggs for 14.99, 3 cans of Yonah brand tuna in oil for 12.99 (for those of you who don’t know, Yonah is Starkist’s lower quality brand- made in Israel), Telma Branflakes for 16.99, and Shukha brand Persian rice for 5.99.  Their web site is new and doesn’t have the sales yet, but you can check it out anyway.

Kimat Chinam:

There are some very good sales here- citrus and some other fruits for 1.89/kg, fresh salmon for 49.99/kg, Special K for 14.99 (club members only), 2 750ml bottles of Smirnoff vodka for 89.99 (club members only), and Jacobs coffee for 24.99 (club members only).  Check it out here.

Mega Bul/Mega Ba’Ir:

Mega’s shtick for the holidays is 8 sale items per week.  This week sale items include 2 1-liter bottles of canola oil for 8 shekels, 3 kilograms of fresh shnitzel or chicken breast for 50 shekels, citrus fruits for 1.99/kg, bakery goods for 1.99/100 grams, and Palmolive liquid soap for 7.90.  There are limits and fine print- check it out here.

MegaBul is also having an 8 shekel sale for YOU members, but I didn’t see any great bargains.  You can check it out here.

Rami Levy:

No apparent sales at Rami Levy- all of their advertising is on their new cell phone company…


Shufersal Deal’s sale includes 25% off many brands of deli meat, 5kg of chicken thighs or quarters for 70 shekels (expires Dec 8), 2 boxes of Special K cereal for 29.99, 3 packages of Colgate 75ml toothpaste for 19.99 (note the regular size in the stores is 100ml), 4 bottles of Spring Tea for 19.99, and 25% off Sano Sushi products.  Check it out here.


Their sales are almost identical to Shufersal’s- 25% off many brands of deli meat, 5kg of chicken thighs or quarters for 70 shekels (expires Dec 8), and more.  Their sales are only for credit card holders (except the chicken) and they also end the 8th.  If you have their credit card, you can purchase Titulim Premium at 50% off and Pampers Mega Pack for 89.99.  Check it out here.



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