couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Philadelphia cream cheese- one of a kind

No matter how hard they try, Israel does not have a replacement for cheam cheese.  “Gvinat shamenet” just doesn’t cut it.  Cheesecake here is a sorry affair, too wet and not nearly as firm as it should be.  Holy Bagel carries “gvinat shamenet” and “gvinat philadelphia”.  Once a year for Shavuot I suck it up and buy it- I don’t usually ask visitors to bring perishable items.

Yisrael HaYom confirmed today what we all knew- another outrageous price.  For a 226 grams package, you will pay:

     United States- 9.2 shekels

     England- 7.9 shekels

     Israel- 19 shekels


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