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University Students vs. Tnuva- Rosh Hashanah Wars Part 2

After the successful boycott of cottage cheese, Tel Aviv University students have set their eyes on something much grander- Tnuva.  This time they are not satisfied with just advertising through Facebook- they have taken to the streets, trying to convince shoppers to support their cause.

Tnuva, of course, is not going to allow a boycott to get in the way of holiday profits.  In addition to their announcement that certain dairy products would come with 10-20% extra for free (see previous post), now  Tnuva is offering 50% off the second item when you purchase two.  Products include Piraeus cheeses, Shock shoko bags, Yoplait yogurts, and Emek cheese- many of which are items that rarely get discounted.

So who is winning?  Shufersal reports that there is no decline in the sale of Tnuva products, but “another large supermarket chain” reports a 3% decrease and Rami Levy reports a 4% decrease in Tnuva products and a concommitant 6% increase in the sale of Tara products and 7.5% increase in the sale of Strauss products.

Tnuva’s response?  “We will continue to offer new sales and surprises to our customers.”

Since one of our family’s major purchases is Piraeus brand bulgarit cheese (we are 1/4 Greek), I say to Tnuva- keep it coming!

Source: Yisrael Hayom, 14/9/2011


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