couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

A nifty web site called “Ha Super”

For those online shoppers who want the best deal, forget going to each supermarket’s web site and checking out their prices or sitting with all of the circular ads around you.  At Ha Super, you can compare prices at 5 supermarkets with one click.

Simply put, you click on what item you would like to buy.  You can see what it costs in Shufersal Yashir, Mega ba internet, Rami Levy, Super Baba, and Mister Zol.  On the side you have a running lict of what your grocery order would cost in each of these supermarkets.  The web site even offers you similar items to those you picked at lower prices.  When you are finished, you just pick the supermarket you want to purchase the items from, and voila! cheap online shopping.

The only problem that I see is that most of the stores do not service my area.  Super Baba only delivers to Tel Aviv, Mister Zol to Jerusalem, Rami Levy to North Tel Aviv and Ramat HaSharon, and Mega to…wherever Mega delivers to.  Hopefully the stores will expand their delivery zones so more of us can take advatage of this service.

Here is the link to Ha Super’s web site.

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