couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Yesh sales August 1-9

Here are the latest sales at Yesh supermarket.  You must spend at least 150 shekels on non-sale items to get these deals.  Limit of two items unless otherwise indicated.

Frozen Nesichat HaNilus- 14.99 shekels/kg, limit 4 kg

Frozen Packaged Sole Fillet- 14.99 shekels/kg, limit 4 kg

Frozen Classics French Fries- 2.2 kg – 14.99 shekels

Ariel Laundry Detergent- 6 kg – 39.99 shekels each when you purchase two

Tnuva/Tara/Strauss 1 liter milk in bags- 4 for 9.99 shekels

Yesh Brand Pasta- 500 grams – 6 for 9.99 shekels

Tnuva Gvina Lvana- 250 grams- 3 for 9.99 shekels

Taaman Sardines in Oil, different flavors- 125 grams – 3 for 9.99 shekels

Tzipor HaSharon Cheese/Potato Burecas- 800 grams- 9.99 shekels

Sanfrost Garden Peas- 800 grams- 9.99 shekels

Delidag Gefilte Fish- 650 grams- 9.99 shekels

Tivol Vegetarian Shnitzel and Hot Dogs- Buy 2 Get 1 Free

Shwepps Seltzer- 1.5 liters x 4 bottles- 2 packages for 16 shekels

Prigat Drinks- 1.5 liters- 5 for 20 shekels

RC Cola/Free- 1.5 liters x 6 bottles- 2 packages for 35 shekels

Zoglobek Natural Corn Shnitzel- 2.4 kg- 49.99 shekels

If you pay with a Yesh credit card and spend 100 shekels, you cn get 1 kg of Yesh brand flour for free.

Happy Shopping!

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