couponing in the holy land

Frugal food shopping for the Anglo Israeli

Online grocery shopping- you CAN do it!

One of the most attractive new ideas for a working mother (in or out of the house) is shopping online. Why waste time on lines and shlep groceries if you don’t have to? “Sure,” you say, “but who can afford it?”

Believe it or not, you CAN afford it. If you are a smart shopper.

The three main supermarket chains offer online shopping.  Rami Levy only delivers to Northern  Tel Aviv at this time.  Mega does not come to where I live either.  You can check here to see if Mega comes to your area.  That left me with Shufersal.

Shufersal Yashir’s website is here.  You can search by the sales or not. I, of course, shop the sales.  I was pleased to see that the sales are the same as what is advertised in the stores- that means that for sale items, it is equivalent to in-store shopping.

There is also a button called ״חיסכון נוסף ״ – “chisachon nosaf”- additional savings which are not listed in the stores. For example, I purchased aluminum foil at the sale price. In the additional savings section , they offered me a discount to purchase another package. So I did.

I did browse the non-sale items, and did find slightly higher prices than the store. For example, Shufersal brand shoko powder was 10.99 ₪ instead of the regular 7.99-8.99 ₪.

The delivery fee is 28 ₪ which is waived if you spend 750 ₪ or more.

As a new customer, I received a coupon book with 8 coupons for 25 ₪ each off my next purchases (can’t combine them).

Now for the most important part- delivery.

I was given a two hour window from within 12 hours until next week.

You have to check when the sale ends, though: if your delivery date is after the sale ends, you will pay regular price for those items on sale.

They came one-half hour into the window. The truck was not refrigerated, but the refrigerated and frozen items came with dry ice. The ice cream was soft, but the fruits were perfect and the non-food items were wrapped separately from the food items.

 They called that morning to tell me they were missing some items and asked if I would be willing to switch them for a similar item.  They will be sending them in a few days at not additional charge.

To summarize, you can be a frugal shopper and still shop online as long as you follow the following rules:

  1.  Use a Shufersal club card, preferably a credit card as well.
  2.   Only buy the sale items.
  3.  Spend over 750 ₪. 

Happy Shopping!

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